The rise of cryptocurrency is rapidly expanding into new territories, with sector-specific coins expanding into a wide range of industries. Since Bitcoin exploded onto the scene, crypto entrepreneurs have been applying blockchain technology to coins that serve other sectors, now including healthcare. CMDX is offering patients and practitioners the opportunity to use the latest financial technology to fund and receive payments for treatment.

The CMD coin is set to be the gold standard in payment for private healthcare, and as such the innovation will make it easier for patients to generate funds to be used for treatment. As crypto payments rise and fall, this could mean part-paying with the CMD coin will make your treatments cheaper and in turn, it will become a way for providers to open up their practice to a wider range of patients.

Payments within the healthcare system, particularly in the United States, are in need of modernisation. The issues faced by patients who are trying to find the most cost-effective way of saving for future care are complex, and the current system makes it difficult for them to figure out which plan truly will be the most effective for them long term.

By securing funds for future care in a cryptocurrency such as CMDX that is specifically operating within the healthcare sector, patients can benefit from the growth in value of the coin, knowing that the funds are set aside for the sole purpose of providing them with healthcare when they need it.

More traditional forms of insurance take the decision-making process away from patients, with insurers providing lists of approved providers, and excluding certain conditions or treatments that are covered by the plan. By investing in a healthcare-specific cryptocurrency patients are put back in the driving seat, they can spend their currency where they see fit, for treatments that they need and want, with the very best providers.

The new brand of CMDX is more than health, it is about the DNA of your human information. It is not a re-birth but an evolution from an MVP to a Super MVP. For providers, this means opening up their practice to a wider range of patients. Patients who might otherwise either not have had access to care at all, or who would have been restricted by their insurer’s list of approved practices.

Accepting payment in cryptocurrency will allow practitioners to benefit from the forecast rise in value of the coin as it becomes more widely used in the healthcare sector. CMDX has all the hallmarking values that are believed to have made Bitcoin’s value explosion happen, it is a  health-centric cryptocurrency that is finite, transparent, portable, private, and profitable. Many analysts agree that these are the factors that made Bitcoin a success, and CMDX has already shown excellent potential by continuing to grow throughout late 2018, a time during which many other cryptocurrencies saw a decline in value and uptake.

Hailed as an exciting step forward for putting patients back in the driving seat with their health, cryptocurrency’s expansion into the healthcare sector could be just the innovation the sector is in need of.

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