By: Tom McMurrain

It might sound like something from a sci-fi movie but forget paying for your Starbucks coffee with Bitcoin, now you can pay for a healthier lifestyle with the CMDX token, a health-centric rewards cryptocurrency created by CMDX. Health product and service providers from all over the world are beginning to accept the CMDX token which is in turn making access to healthcare both easier and cheaper.

The ability to hold on to the token, watch it grow in value and then spend on everything from wellness based products to specialist  appointments has been revolutionary although some would say the biggest part of the journey is only just beginning. Cryptocurrency has a natural home in the loyalty and rewards industry.

The image of cryptocurrency is shifting away from its past mysterious Bitcoin boom era, and is moving into mainstream adoption with sector-specific coins becoming a hot topic for investors. Companies like Amazon, Nordstroms, and Starbucks are all accepting Bitcoin through an app called Flexa. CMDX is just one of those, and is allowing its users to pay for health products and services with their sector-specific currency, ensuring users can use an alternative way to fund their health needs.

Certainly in countries such as America, patients would have to call on their insurers or dip into their savings to pay for expensive preventive or curative treatments, but CMDX is changing the landscape of healthcare payments by allowing people to purchase or earn the cryptocurrency and generate extra referral fees by leading a healthy lifestyle. CMDX will reward you for sharing the concept of living a healthier and wealthier life with your friends and family.

Now that everyone from banks JP Morgan, Bank of America and billionaires Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and many more have adopted the technology, it seems obvious that members of the general public will start to adopt the technology into their everyday lives. This new very disruptive and consumer friendly market is expanding rapidly and is shifting the financial services industry in a major way, but until now it has not had a big effect on how people manage their healthcare funding. CMDX is set to change this, with users being offered the opportunity to become part of a community that will allow them to earn extra funds for their future health as the currency’s value grows. And the good news, no previous knowledge of cryptocurrency needed.

With news outlets such as CNBC, Fox, Bloomberg and the BBC recently reporting that crypto is the new buy-and-hold investment, this healthcare platform also allows consumers to grow their initial investment relatively rapidly compared to more traditional forms, and in the case of CMDX means that users will actually be able to earn money from focusing on their health.

Beyond the value of the coin increasing, members can also extra currency simply by living a healthy lifestyle. Of course this approach isn’t new, on the mainstream Vitality offers insurance discounts for fitter folks and Aetna Insurance is currently using a smartwatch to reward its customers for exercising. But none of these actually save you money on your preventative health needs. With CMDX, by utilizing the smart features of the community, users can add funds to their wallet by getting enough exercise, or sleeping well every night. In turn, these extra funds that are earned will grow in value just like the currency that they originally purchased by becoming members, allowing them to pay for their healthcare needs more easily.

CMDX is revolutionary when it comes to moving away from more traditional ways of funding preventative health that leave consumers feeling like they are constantly giving money without receiving any tangible return, between restrictive lists of approved providers from insurers to conditions that cannot be covered, the multi-trillion dollar healthcare system is in clear need of an overhaul.

CMDX is placing the patient-practitioner relationship back at the heart of healthcare, and allowing them to earn money by using a health-conscious cryptocurrency.

As Richard Branson has said “there is nothing more important than the health of you and your loved ones,” and CMDX is allowing its users to regain control of their health. Not only by allowing them to access the practitioners they need, but also by enabling them to earn money from their focus on their health. There is a general shift going on within the healthcare sector towards patients being more in control of their wellbeing and health, as opposed to waiting for symptoms to appear people are living a more healthy lifestyle to prevent becoming ill.

Investing in a healthcare solution that actually earns patients money is a natural extension of this, and shows how patients are becoming more active in their health choices than ever before. But it also helps health practitioners to connect with patients who share their core beliefs. Until now there has often been a financial and regulatory barrier between practitioners and patients, with either financial or insurance-based restrictions preventing practitioners from helping the patients who need help the most.

By creating a network of members and practitioners who understand these changes in how health is being approached, CMDX is changing the patient-practitioner relationship, putting care and rewards for making health decisions back at the heart of the healthcare system.

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