Snore your way to wealth with CMDX

By: Tom McMurrain

Earning passive income is one of the keys to becoming wealthy and sustaining a luxury lifestyle. Until now, passive income has come from investments and other forms of traditional financial products – tech is changing how everyone can earn passive income. Consumers can now get paid to complete everyday tasks, including sleeping. With millions of websites promising to generate hundreds of dollars worth of income for users on a monthly basis, it can be difficult for consumers to establish which opportunities are genuine or not. CMDX is offering to reward users for living a healthy lifestyle by paying them in cryptocurrency when they get their full eight hours, or complete other tasks that contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

The rise of cryptocurrency is spreading to new sectors, with increasing numbers of services being tokenized, and CMDX are bringing the benefits of crypto to the health sector. As well as allowing users to acquire coins in traditional ways such as mining and buying the currency outright, companies are rewarding users with currency. In the case of CMDX, the company is further putting the focus on its users health, by rewarding them for living a healthy lifestyle. Their platform allows users to earn the cryptocurrency by sleeping for example. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1 in 3 people do not manage to get the full amount of recommended sleep on a daily basis. This lack of sleep leads to decreased productivity at work, but also increases the risk of several serious long-term health conditions. With CMDX bridging the gap between patients and practitioners, it makes sense for them to incentivise habits that will improve users’ health, beyond simply using the services that can be paid for with the cryptocurrency.

Unlike viral job adverts that offer a lucky job seeker the opportunity to get paid by a mattress company to sleep on their beds and get paid for it, CMDX allows all of its users to benefit from the ability to earn currency just by sleeping. The coin’s creators are hoping that by investing in a healthcare-specific coin, their members will be able to have more control over their health and wellbeing. The currency can be used to pay not only for traditional medical services, but also alternative therapies and wellness activities such as yoga or other exercise classes.

Think of it, if Jeff Bezos decides tomorrow that you can buy everything on Amazon in cryptocurrency then no-one would be having debates as to whether this type of reward-based culture is a good deal. It would be a GREAT deal. And that’s what you’re banking on, that the world will wake up to the possibilities of how cryptocurrency can transform people’s problems. There are plenty of signs that this stage is coming and that Bezos himself will trigger the next bull run. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency could happen overnight, from spending crypto on healthcare to filling their Amazon cart while browsing the internet and watching Neflix.

Until now, taking good care of your health has been an investment with little to no monetary return – insurance payments are not reduced if the person goes to the gym four times a week. Living a healthy lifestyle can be expensive, between costly fresh ingredients and gym memberships, to supplements and alternative therapy sessions. And whilst people living a healthy lifestyle will feel better, it can often leave patients feeling like they are investing a lot without seeing any financial gain.

There are now a number of crypto companies rewarding users for healthy lifestyles, for instance Aetna Insurance is using the Smart Watch to reward its customers for exercising but unlike others, CMDX is looking to offer a 360 approach to rewarding a healthy lifestyle.

Until now, people have been rewarded in cryptocurrency for working out with the likes of Sweatcoin, for staying sober thanks to Sobercoin, and for sharing their health records with Healthwizz. The ability for CMDX users to spend the currency they earn on bettering their health further is truly innovative and could very well pave the way for a major shift in the public’s approach to their health.

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