By: Tom McMurrain

For many of us there is nothing more important than our health. Our mood, fitness and holistic requirements can either aid us or lead to something debilitating. So, it’s understandable that wherever in the world you are, your primary needs are surprisingly simple – good and affordable health care.

Yet often finding either (or both!) can add additional stresses to your life. It was something Tom McMurrain reflected on one night while driving to the grocery store to pick some chocolate for his wife. Why is it that across the world so many people struggle to find healthcare that they are happy to receive and that they can afford?

In that moment, an idea for a the world’s first healthcare marketplace that accepts cryptocurrency was born.

Now if I say the word ‘cryptocurrency’ you might immediately think of Bitcoin – the overnight billionaires and the epic crash of 2018. “How can I guarantee my health on something so volatile?” you might ask.

In simple terms, Bitcoin rises and falls due to supply and demand. But just as the items in your Amazon basket fluctuate in price, you are guaranteed that no matter what you pay the delivery will be the same. And that’s what cryptocurrency can offer – a bedrock of delivery, thanks to the foundation it is laid on, the blockchain.

Back to his way on the grocery door, serial entrepreneur Tom McMurrain knew that by integrating people’s healthcare data on to the blockchain a new, fairer system could emerge that rewarded customers for getting involved.

Hailing from a medical family (three cardiologists, a fertility specialist, an OBGYN, a biologist, a medical director and a physical therapist), Tom realized that by integrating crypto and healthcare the industry could be used for good.

Going back to that Amazon basket, CoinMD was made on those exact principles, only better. Like getting a referral fee every time someone else buys the same product. Only instead of paying in cash, Tom has created a new currency called CMD (now CMDX). Just as you can pay for a health product or service provider using the coin, you can also earn bonus rewards by exercising and keeping fit. While training events, winning contests and member referrals all play a part.

“Ah but I do not know anything about cryptocurrency” I hear you ask. Well don’t worry, that’s provided for as well, CoinMD, now CMDX enables you to get involved for just $29.95 and you get all the education you need. The education includes setting up the wallet, getting your first CMDX tokens and accessing a growing network of healthcare product and service providers.

If you love a company that gives back, 10% of all the CMDX used to buy a subscription goes back to local areas where the CMDX community grows.

The best thing about this type of coin-based model? As demand for subscriptions increase the supply of the CMDX token will decrease due to a “coin-burning” formula. 90% of the CMDX tokens used to purchase the subscriptions are “burned’ meaning they are taken out of circulation forever. Increasing demand and decreasing supply is one of the better recipes for wealth creation.

Inquire with CMDX today to find out exactly what the future of healthcare looks like, say goodbye to expensive health care fees and open up the possibility of choosing your own healthcare providers. Wherever you are in the world.

CMDX provides you with real choices for health and as our global network of providers expands so will the usability of our token.

By harnessing and securing your private data for good, it puts you in charge and even gives you an additional revenue stream. Right now, your health data can be spread across different organisations and potentially sold. This is money that you would never see, but with blockchain technology and the ability to be in charge of your own data you can decide exactly who can access it and retain the cost.

To recap, via CMDX you can:

  • Find health product and service providers easily around the world
  • Pay them in a new type of cryptocurrency which enables you to keep the cost down
  • Earn more when you refer, keep fit or share the community for bonus coins
  • Keep control over your own data and earn coins when you share
  • Join early and be part of an exclusive health membership community and watch the value of your coins increase as it grows

CEO and author of Amazon best-selling book, Tom McMurrain, says, “Health ‘MD’ is at the center of our brand. We pivoted from CoinMD to CMDX so that people could clearly identify what we stand for, CMDX is the DNA of human information”.

The new brand will ensure that the membership organization and the cryptocurrency exchange stay together on one easy to navigate website where Tom can continue his goal of reaching 100 million members worldwide.

Will you be one of them?

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