For a long time now, the arrival of robots and artificial intelligence in the workplace has been feared, with many believing that a wide range of jobs could be replaced with computers or robots. But now that Artificial Intelligence is here, what is happening to people whose jobs can now be carried out by machines? In the health sector, most jobs should be safe from automation, according to a report released earlier this year. Whilst an estimated 36 million jobs are thought to be at risk from being replaced by AI in the medium-to-long term, healthcare jobs sit in the medium to low end of the risk scale.

CMDX is leading the way when it comes to using AI constructively within the healthcare system. The company is offering its users the opportunity to pay for health and wellness services using a health-specific cryptocurrency. Users will also be able to share their health data with the company, who in turn is working on creating a DNA of Human Information that members will be able to benefit from to help them to optimise their health. AI has often been vilified in mainstream media, particularly when it comes to the fear of people losing jobs as a result of widespread adoption of new technology, but the benefits that come from using AI to process data are undeniable. The shift towards preventative medicine is in full swing, patients are focusing on their overall wellbeing as well as treating ongoing health conditions where present.

Companies such as CMDX are bringing AI technology to the industry by helping patients to benefit from the advantages that health data can bring to preventative medicine. By gaining a deeper understanding of what triggers certain conditions providers will be able to warn patients before they start showing symptoms, for example. That’s why huge names such as Richard Branson, IBM and Amazon are all interested in where the technology is heading.

Perhaps the biggest leap so far is the way we use AI powered assistants. But make way Alexa – Brittany is here. Included in the CMDX package is a health and wealth coach powered by Artificial Intelligence, Brittany. She will be able to answer your health concerns and offer tips and advice on to how to gain more CMDX tokens as rewards. She will help you navigate the fields of healthcare practitioners to find the best type of healthcare that is just right for you, and she can offer advice on making your data go further so that you can profit from it on your terms.

It all stems from the data that we give away each and every day for free. From eating habits to how many times we see our doctor in a year. Now, AI and data collection will allow patients to provide their practitioners with detailed data about their lifestyle which will allow them to receive more personalized care.

In the past, practitioners have been reliant on self-reporting from patients, which can lead to discrepancies purely because the patient may not have been paying attention to a certain habit or lifestyle choice. The data collected by companies such as CMDX will allow practitioners to get a far clearer and more accurate picture of their patients’ daily lives, which will help them in turn to provide high quality care that is tailored to each individual.

This type of care has been available in the past, but was usually reserved for people paying for the highest quality of care, or for people whose health is central to their job such as elite athletes. Data would previously have been collected and correlated by a group of highly trained professionals such as dieticians, personal trainers, therapists, and others. Now, a large proportion of this data can be collected by users’ personal devices, and correlated with AI. The results can then be reviewed by medical professionals who can apply the knowledge to a tailored care plan.

The stakes are high when it comes to health care, and AI can be an excellent asset to helping patients to achieve their best health especially when combined with the leaps in cryptocurrency.

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